Breaststroke Basics

This stroke of choice for most fitness swimmers may be the slowest stroke of the four, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot use it powerfully and with speed.

Initial Body position

Keep your body level at the surface. Make sure that your hips are flat in the water and both your shoulders are in line before moving your legs and feet together like a frog.

Leg and Feet Movement

With your arms streamlined in front, bend your knees and lift your feet up to your buttocks facing out. Push back with the bottom of your foot towards the side then going in again, legs straight until your knees touch.

Arm and Upper Body movement

Start with your arms stretched out in front, just under the surface of the water. Press both hands outwards, palms facing out and draw a circle by pulling your palms and forearms towards your chest. Make sure that your hands stay in front of your shoulders. Coming to a full circle, your hands should meet in the middle, just in front of your chest and then finish by stretching forward again.


As you draw a circle with your hands, breathe in by lifting your head and chest out of the water. Once you’ve finished the full circle, lean your face and your body in the water as you stretch your arms forward.

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