GARMIN SWIM: Not Just an Arm Candy

Not Just An Arm Candy

Garmin swim watch is a very good partner for your training as a swimmer or a triathlete or you just want to get fit. It has an ergonomic buttons, you can see a blue button on the left side of the watch that when you press it will go directly to swim mode and start swimming and also by pressing the button you can easily switch to different data fields. When you start swimming the Garmin swim watch will record your strokes, length and time. It can easily or instantly recognize the meter after you push off the wall. And if your doing interval training Garmin swim can easily help you track your training the first preset data page will show you total length and time, and after your first interval when you press the pause button while in rest, it will show the last interval you made and how many seconds your resting, so its basically easy to track your interval and rest time all at the same time, and if you continue to press the blue button it will show you your total distance made and strokes made and swolf.  And the on thing I like about armin watch the best is when doing my interval workouts, when you press the paused button it will show your total time when you start your previous interval and second is the rest time, basically it helps you know where you go on “ 1:30” you can easily track how long you’ve been resting and when you press again it will go back to swim mode. And after each workout, after you save your total workout you will see on the main page how many kilometer you did for the week basically it can remind you if you lack some more distance/mileage with your training and it automatically reset after a week to 0. Cool huh? And you can also see the history of your workout of course. And one more thing that’s cool about this watch is when your not using it automatically shut down or go to sleep and when you put it in your wrist its start again, also what I discover is when your not moving your arms for about a minute or so it goes to sleep. Garmin swim watch really help me lot in tracking my training, with the interval time that normally confuse me with my number with this watch never anymore, and also not to mention it looks cool in your arms, a very good partner with my training. I’m so happy that Garmin made a watch that’s compatible for swimmers needs.

— Irwin See, VP sales of Regent Foods Corp


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