#SwimPHBestSummerEver Tip #1: SWIM MORE

“Ang Initttttttttt!!!!!”

Temperatures have been rising in the metro and what better way to beat the heat than to take a dip in a pool?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be rich to be able to take a nice dip in a pool. Did you know that there are many public pools around Metro Manila that you can go to? Now, don’t give me that disgusted face, I know what you’re thinking, public pools aren’t well maintained and simply put, disgusting. Well, that’s how it was BEFORE and surprisingly, during our last trip around public pools, we were also surprised to find out that the water quality in public pools have improved and the entrance fees have remained very affordable. If you don’t know how to swim, don’t despair, every venue usually has its own summer swim lesson offering, you can ask the cashier about the enrollment, schedule, and fees for these lessons.

So here’s our top list of public pools you can go to this summer.

1. Amoranto Pool, QC.
– 50m pool
– 25php entry fee
– Open every day with a lunch break from 12nn-1pm
– Parking space available

2. Ateneo Grade School, QC.
– 25m pool – 40php entry fee
– Open Saturdays and Sundays, entrance is also limited to time slots, so be there early to able to maximize your entrance fee. Time slots are 9am-11:30, 1:30pm-4:00pm, & 4:00pm-6:00pm
– You may park in grade school parking lot

3. Camp Aguinaldo, QC.
– 25m pool
– 50php entry fee
– Open Tuesdays to Sundays
– Parking space available

4. Makati Aquatic Sports Arena, Makati
– 50m pool
– 150php entry fee
– Open Tuesdays to Sundays 8am to 8pm
– Parking space available

5. Pasay City Sports Complex
– 25m pool
– 50php entry fee
– Open daily from 6am to 4:30pm
– Parking space available

P.S. If you want to swim with us, make sure you check our social media accounts as we have community swims every saturday. For more info, you may email us at [email protected] Happy Swimming!

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