The 15 Thoughts I Had While Covering My First Swim Meet


Hello, Everyone! 

I’m Mika Reyes and this is the first time I have ever covered a Swim Meet for Swim Philippines. The Bro Ceci Cup was held in my school, De La Salle Zobel, which is why it was easy for me to take it on as my first cover. Since this was my very first time on the job, I had a lot of thoughts running through my mind. Here are 15 of the thoughts I had during my first swim meet to get you a feel on how it is to be a Swim Philippines Poolside Reporter.

  1. “Okay, I think I’m too early there’s no one- Oh, whoops! Hehe… Where have you all been hiding?” 

My call time for the coverage was 6:15 am. When I got to the venue I honestly believed there was a mix-up since it was completely quiet and empty. Suddenly, there was a loud voice telling the swimmers they could warm-up and then they all started coming out. Grabe! Feel ko tinataguan ako eh! Kala mo walang wala pero meron. MERON.

  1. “Okay, sige. Paano ko sisimulan ito? Papasimple nalang ako… Stalker nalang ang peg!”

I had absolutely no idea how I would start talking pictures and getting in the “club.” I felt like Lindsey Lohan in Mean Girls going to school for the first time- Well, in my place, going to a swim meet for the first time. I ended up testing my stalker skills by trying to take pictures unnoticed. Yung tipong hiding around plants and pretending to use my phone, pero sa katotohanan I was taking pictures!

  1. “Oh no! They. Saw. Me. Help me, Lord! Stop looking at me please! HUHUBELLS! Now they think I’m some weird girl with a swimmer fettish.”

Okay, so I’m not the best stalker in the world. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but in my situation at that moment it kinda was. You see, I didn’t receive my media ID pass yet, so it really did look weird. It was especially awkward since I knew some of the swimmers and they knew me for being their classmate rather than a reporter.

  1. “I’ll just have to wait for Coach Angelo to get my ID. That won’t be too hard. Sino nga ba si Coach Angelo? I think I should ask, but that means I have to ask people. I’m not good with people I don’t know. Uh-oh.”

I did my homework. Promise! I’m not a bad writer who goes on the job without researching about the event. Besides, I didn’t need to know that much. It’s just in my school anyways. Right? Oh darling, wrong! It’s different to read about something rather than experience it. I had to know certain people I had no clue about. It led on to an annoying outburst of continuous questions about the whereabouts of Coach Angelo. I could make my own Where’s Waldo series, except I’ll be calling it Where’s Angelo?

  1. *Music plays in my head* “I’ve got the power… tun tun tun tun tun!”

I finally have my media pass! Oh yes! All the access, initiative, and power to document every single move of anyone and everyone!

  1. “Smile and wave! Don’t show you’re scared! Conceal don’t feel! Just say something!”

I totally had my 22 Jumpstreet moment. I personalized my own “My name is Je-eff” while being introduced to all the coaches in the swim meet.

  1. “Serioso, bruh!? Ya making me feel bad! I don’t look that old naman! Grabe kayo!”

I was being introduced to a lot of people  so I was always asked the perennial follow-up question “Where do you study?” I would always reply that I study in Zobel and then they would ask me which alumni year I came from in Zobel, then I’d clarify myself by saying I still studied in Zobel, which is followed up by “Ooooh! You’re still highschool?”

There was this time when I was talking to a few college swimmers and one of them asked me if I was in college or if I graduated na. Really? I don’t look that old, okay guys? I guess telling people you’re a poolside reporter would automatically make you seem older.

  1. “OH MY G NAMAN! I feel so special naman! Up close and personal with the elites! Wait lang lemme get my camera!”

There were a lot of really famous swimmers who were given special awards during the opening of the event. It was awesome since everyone was on one side and I was on the other, where all the awardees were except I was taking pictures of them. Hey, at least!

  1. “Ooh ganda ng katawan nito ah! Oh eto naman ganda ng biceps! Eto abs! Eto maganda lahat! Uy siya rin!”

Swimmers, I must say you’re all very hot. Kayo na! Kayo na talaga! Sometimes it’s the totality of everything and damn you guys work it!

  1. “Hehe… Okay… Sige… Sawang sawa na ako sa abs.”

Maganda nga pero, bruh, ya’ll make abs and biceps seem such a normal thing na! Now you look for more than that I’m a guy! See! Moral lessons can be achieved in swim meets!

  1. “Do you think it’ll be okay to take selfies with all the teams? Haha okay, then. Ang vain ninyo pala!”

If there’s something I learned today it’s that swimmers love their selfie time! Check the pictures out yourself!

  1. “Imma lay my camera down now. Each relay is starting to look the same.”

I think it’s better to take pictures of the swimmers before and after the swim rather than them swimming because you can only really see their swimming cap. I don’t totally take out the swimming photos because some of the moms ask to see my shots and they’re so happy when they see their kid’s relay shots. Sasabihin ng nanay, “OMG! SI BABY BOY KO YAN! TINGNAN MO!” I’ll be thinking naman, “Grabe ‘tong nanay na toh… Nakikita ko lang naman yung swim cap niya eh.” Pero kung happy siya dyan ayaw mo namang basagin yung trip niya, smile and nod nalang!

  1. “You guys really know how to make a girl smile! Pagkain here, pagkain there, pagkain everywhere!” 

I was given free food and drinks for lunch, while also receiving an allowance for more food and transportation- much sweeter than The Suite Life of Zack and Cody! The sweet life of Mika Reyes nalang!

  1. “Why are you all leaving? May infection ba pool? Bakit bigla biglaan lang? Kakatapos lang ng first day iiwan niyo na ako! Wala bang halaga ang mga niranas natin? Hehe joke lang! #HugotKo”

I was extremely surprised when I saw everyone leaving all at once after the last relay of the first day. Walang say-say! Bigla nalang umalis sila! I was sitting there for a long time waiting for the people to come back until I saw a swimmer who is my classmate and she told me the event ended na for the day. When I left after she said that parang na lugi ako sa taya eh. Naghintay ako sa wala! #HugotLinesUlit #Pagbigyan

  1. “Baka magkaroon ng Osteoperosis ng maaga ang bata na toh! Masyado nang maraming medalyo eh! Push mo yan, bata!”

The second day came in and ended faster than the first day. I basically had the same thoughts except when it came to awarding. Some kids swiped all the medals off the table due to wins after wins for their age divisions. Napa ‘Swiper no swiping’ ata yung mga ibang bata eh! Okay, corny joke! Sorry na!

Those were the 15 thoughts I had during my first swim meet! You guys should totes join me in my next swim meets! We’ll go abs hunting promise! Actually wag yun, masyadong madali! Anyways, I hope we can keep in touch through the swim meets or through the net via Swim.Ph!

Till next time,
Mika Reyes!

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