8 Reasons on Why You Should Watch a Swim Meet


by Aya Garcia

Swim meets are usually just watched by swimmers, coaches, and their teams. Unlike other sports like basketball, swimming competitions don’t get featured on TV or get sold-out. But the hype on these meets exists. It’s a real sport anyways. And with swim leagues everywhere, we’ve listed down 8 reasons on why you shouldn’t miss  the next swimming competition you’ll hear about.

  1. It’s free.

Yes, you can totally just drop by a swim meet when you want and you won’t be charged a single penny.

  1. Booths

Other than the swimmers and the pool, booths of all kinds are always present on meets. Food, clothes, swimming gears, and all other stuff that you would usually see on a bazaar are offered. The plus side is, they usually give out big discounts.

  1. The hype is out of this world

Just like basketball, swimming is an event that can cause you to jump up and down. There’s this thing called “touching”, and you would usually hear swimmers saying, “Sayang, touching lang kami.” It means that that swimmer was a millimeter or a fingertip close from beating another swimmer. Watch a swim meet. The 50-meter freestyle event usually comes with this. You’ll see what we mean.

  1. Superbods

Yes. As long as that swimmer is about to swim, you can stare all you want. Swim meets are swarmed with superbods. Literally. 6-packs and muscular curves are everywhere. After all, strong is the new sexy.

  1. Inspirations

If you are into getting fit or trying to live a fit life, a swim meet is perfect for you.  Seeing people who have nice bodies and are actually strong can provide you a gigantic amount of motivation to be fitter. Even the cheering of the crowd can motivate you.

  1. Swim shirts

Swim shirts are shirts with funny swimming context on them. Most of the time, swimmers only wear it but wearing it could make you look cool and it may even make other people think that you’re a swimmer.

  1. Team Spirit

Swimming teams are the cheerleaders of each swimmer. They have each other’s backs so expect some hardcore cheering, shouting, and UAAP type of Team Spirit.

  1. It’s worth it.

At the end of the day, you’ll realize that the heat, the noise, and the smell of chlorine are worth it. Because the colorful caps and suits that fill the pool, and the support of each and every person is what really rules the pool.  You never know, maybe you have an inner swimmer in you.

So the next time you find a swim meet on your Facebook feed or someone just simply tells you about it, try watching. Turn this list into a checklist and see what we mean. So from now on, check it out, take your mark, get set, and then go.

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  1. Nano Ge May 12, 2015 at 1:45 am #

    Spot on – each point totally true! Love your article Aya! Go and make some more.

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