What It’s Like to Date a Teammate


by Aya Garcia

  1. Mission “Crush” Accomplished

If you’re dating someone from your team, there is a big chance that he/she was and has been your crush for quite a while already. It’s probably about the body or the personality. But it could also be about the way he does his 4×25 sprints or the way her face looks cute whenever she’s putting her head cap on.

  1. Motivated all the way

Going to training a lot easier when your sweetheart is around to support you. It’s even better when he or she is swimming with you. It’s as if a look at their face is worth a minute rest. And amazingly, that main set that coach just gave you became ten times more tolerable because bae is on the same lane as you.

  1. Techniques and Tips

It’s not just about exchanging sweet texts and gifts on Valentine’s Day. It’s also about exchanging points on how to develop your backstroke start and how to drop your best time on an event. It’s possible that you catch yourself training alone and acting out as a coach to each other. After all, love can be a great teacher.

  1. Daily bread

Training six times a week? See your bae six times a week. It may sound nice but sometimes, it may get a little too often for the two of you.

  1. No. 1 fan

What could be better than having your bae as your number one fan? They will fully understand you if you do a bad swim since they were with you during training and basically the whole time. They will cheer for you at an 800m freestyle when everyone else has left the pool sides because of the sun’s scorching heat. Actually, what could be better than someone who would still want and love you after a bad swim?

  1. Matchy-matchy

Forget couple shirts and couple mugs. We root for matching suits, goggles, kick boards, caps, and everything that can be matched up.

  1. Finally! Someone who gets me!

“Are you 400 IM? Because you take my breath away.” Cheesy swimmer pick-up lines are the best of the best. And these babies will never fail to make you smile or even make your day better after training with a moody coach. And who else will make an effort to Google swimming pick-up lines? Your swimming boyfriend/girlfriend of course!

  1. The whole team will be behind you

Conflicts will be present at times but you will probably have the whole team behind your back. Even coach. And if the worst comes and you guys break up, there is a big chance that the awkwardness may last for only a short time because the team will always seal you guys back up. Maybe not as a couple but probably as friends.

At the end of the day, dating someone from your team could be a great highlight in your life. You fell in love with swimming and now you’re in love with someone who loves just as much as you do and that’s already enough as a starter. It may feel like you’re doing tapering for a week but it could also feel like finding out you had a false start on a 200m butterfly right after swimming it.

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