Seven Things that Made UAAP Season 78 Swimming Awesome

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Every UAAP season is special and hence, memorable. However, there are tonics in every season that makes it more special than the year before. Here are seven scenes that highlighted Season 78 and probably made it one of the most special seasons yet.

  1. Drum Wars

What’s a better way to ignite a battle than with the loudest banging of drums? Starting off only with two or three universities with their pep squad present, the war between the drums and the cheerers started off easy. But on the final round of the last day, hearing a single rhythm was almost impossible without pure concentration. All universities had their pep squad behind them. Literally. It got so loud that the announcers had to remind the cheerers to remain quiet unless the swimmers were in the water. And so it was the battle for the loudest, and longest cheering. It’s hard to say who won. Or, hard to hear who won.

  1. Jeron Teng

The basketball superstar showed his support for his fellow Green Archers by being present in the first day of the event. However, it wasn’t just the Green Array that was enthusiastic with the presence of the athlete. People from different teams came to the Taft-cager and took as much photos as they can with him.

  1. Vibrant Suits

UAAP swimmers seemed to have agreed that Orange (and blue, pink, green, etc.) really is the new black. With each swimmer having superbly colorful suits, it wasn’t just the scorching sun that lightened up Rizal Memorial Swimming Pool. You can only imagine how the suits seemed to have lightened up the water too.

  1. Filled arena….er, pool

The first three days of the meet weren’t really swarmed by spectators. There are a number of factors on why this happened. Not only was it sweltering hot in the pool, but also there’s an entrance fee of 50 pesos. Not that it’s that big but it will surely surge if you watch for four days. Anyway, on the final round of the last day, it was filled to the brim. Students, cheering squads, families, friends, and plain supporters, the spirit of UAAP was truly present at that time. It was no longer just the battle of the swimmers, because their supporters became their troops.

  1. The breaking of the oldest UAAP swimming record

Alberto Batungbacal of Ateneo de Manila University broke the 1500m freestlye record that has been on top for over two decades. Think of it this way: 20-year-old record and 1500m freestyle. Not the easiest combination to strike, isn’t it? Now if you still don’t think this is not hardcore, then you have to experience swimming the event itself.

  1. Battle of the Bros

Olympian and Ateneo representative Jessie Lacuna, and his brother and UP swimmer, Dexter Lacuna, literally went side-by-side on the 200m butterfly as they were on the lane next to each other on the event. Before the swim started, the tension was overflowing between the two. Jessie finished first and as his brother touched the wall, he gave Dexter a warm hug and a pat on the head. The Olympian posted a picture of them hugging after the swim on Instagram and used the caption, “Priceless moments.”.

  1. Victory Thanks

When it came to the final awarding, every team said thank you to their contenders. It was the National University that started it and it went on until every team said thanks to the other teams and to the officials. It truly showed that it weren’t just the records and recognitions that empowered UAAP 78, but also sportsmanship and unity.


— Aya Garcia

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