HeadBlade ATX All-Terrain Head Razor


This razor has been specifically designed for shaving one’s head. There has been multiple models of this product over the years, but the ATX all-terrain is the latest and greatest of them and is now designed not just for the head but also any part of the body.

Ease of Use: The core value of this product is really the design that allows anyone to easily shave their head with littler experience. The blades attach to a spring mounted adapter to the razor. This allows for you to simply roll the wheels over your head and let the HeadBlade do the rest. This makes it very easy to shave without having to worry about whether you are applying too much or too little pressure which can cause nicks and cuts or an uneven shave.

Performance: I have found the HeadBlade to provide a quality, close, smooth shave with minimal if any irritation or razor bumps. As you are using a 3, 4, or 6 blade razor, there is a heightened chance of ingrown hairs as the multi-blades will cut the hair below the scalp by pulling the hair with one blade and cutting it with the next.

Functionality: The HeadBlade comes with an HB4 cartridge razor but you can also use the HeadBlade HB6 six blade cartridge razors.

Verdict: Overall the HeadBlade is a great razor for head shaving. It’s unique design makes it easy for anyone to get a smooth shave quickly and easily.

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