Let’s Get Physical with FitBit (Product Review)


I had the chance to try FITBIT Flex 2 for almost one month and I love it!

It is very light and comfortable to wear. It feels like you’re not wearing any.

I found it really valuable in my daily activities. I set the number of steps to 5,000. It pushed me to continue walking or to be active to reach that goal.

I appreciate the “move reminders”. It was perfect especially during the times that I was busy working on my office desk and wasn’t minding the time. Whenever Fitbit would vibrate to remind me that I have to move, I would gladly stand up and walk around. It was a nice break from work for me.

I was able to use it when I swam. I like it coz it calculates the calories burned. Being a swimmer and a coach, I truly appreciate having this kind of equipment that can count the laps for me. Though the number wasn’t very accurate but still it’s ok.

I was able to go to gym and do several cardio and strength workouts too. Fitbit was able to identify that I was active and was able to give accurate duration of the workout.

I ran with Fitbit too. I did a 5km fun run. Fitbit recognized the activity but the distance of when I started running until I finished were not known. Also, the unit used is in miles. It was hard for me coz I am more familiar with kilometers.

What I am most impressed about Fitbit Flex 2 is on how it monitored my sleep. The number of times I was awake was accurate. I became aware of the number of times I was restless. This is a new data for me. With this, it made me adjust my sleeping patterns. My sleep got better because of Fitbit.

Overall, I truly had an amazing time using Fitbit Flex 2. I am very visual and it really motivated me to be better whenever I see my dashboard. It made me more active and more conscious on getting better sleeping patterns. Highly recommended.


Hazel Garcia

Operations Manager

Bert Lozada Swim School

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