Life of a Swim Parent


MR. RINO AND MRS. JANE RIOFLORIDO MAY BE ONE OF THE MOST OUTGOING AND ENCOURAGING PARENTS ANYONE CAN MEET. Carlo, Paulo, and Marko (from eldest to youngest) are very vocal on how lucky they are to have such supportive parents. Mommy Jane and Daddy Rino have always been there for their kids in and out of the pool. From trainings to competitions, from athletic events to academic-related concerns – they never failed to make sure that the boys feel their presence not just as parents but at the same time, as top backers. Parents can really perform magic. As for this couple, their magic lies on how they can be parents, businessmen, and full-time supporters to their children all at the same time.

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Mr. and Mrs. Rioflorido opened the world of swimming to their kids because they recognized its benefits to their children’s health. They were alarmed when their eldest son, Carlo, was starting to gain weigh
t so they decided to enroll him to swimming classes. Paulo and Marko then joined their Kuya. Eventually, swimming was not just part of their kids’ life as aid for their health and physical condition. Carlo, Paulo, and Marko fell in love with the sport and started to join competitions.

Indeed, it was one of the best decisions Mr. and Mrs. Rioflorido made for their children. For Mommy Jane, swimming teaches their sons lessons which can also be applied to real life, “Aside from the health benefits, swimming requires strict discipline. Incorporating it in their daily lives is already a big gain for them.” In every competition, they make sure they are behind the boys 100%. They believe it is their task as parents to prepare their children physically, mentally, and emotionally before swimming. At the end of every competition, nothing feels better than going home to loving parents who will always be proud of their kids no matter what. “Win or lose, we see to it that we always make them feel like winners.”

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Is there a recipe in making achiever children? Perhaps for Mommy Jane and Daddy Rino, it is being full-time supporters and parents. And when I say full-time – I meant FULL-TIME. Not only is their family complete during competitions but you’ll also see them together even during ordinary training days. The couple believes that the best way to handle their children, especially considering all three boys are student-athletes, is through supporting them all the way. When they have extra time, they make sure to treat the boys out for dinner and movies.

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