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Why you need a workout buddy NOW

There may be times when you don’t feel like going out to do your regular exercise routine. Demotivated to do workouts, you may say?  Let this be solved by tagging along a friend! Here are some reasons why working out with a buddy leads to better fitness achievement! Excuses become inexcusable When you know there’s someone […]

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Importance of Proper Nutrition: Performance during Training

ATHLETES SHOULD BE MINDFUL OF THEIR DAILY NUTRITION. THEY NEED TO TRAIN THEIR BODY IN STORING ENERGY AND PROPERLY SUSTAINING IT SO IT CAN PERFORM AT ITS BEST. The energy needs exceed those of the average person. Caloric needs are about 2200-3000 calories per day, for either male or female athletes. Balancing macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, […]

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The Blind Spot

TOO OFTEN IN MY PRACTICE I SEE FILIPINO ENDURANCE ENTHUSIASTS, SPECIFICALLY TRIATHLETES OF BEGINNER AND INTERMEDIATE LEVELS, EITHER NURSING AN INJURY AND/ OR UNHAPPY WITH THEIR PERFORMANCE. I catch them during the middle of their pre-season training or at their off season. I discover, after asking them to describe their training program,  that they utilize […]

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Most Common Injuries Experienced by Swimmers

ATHLETES ARE VERY DISCIPLINED AND RESPONSIBLE CONSIDERING THEIR LIFE SCHEDULE. Most of them, specifically swimmers, go through the repetitive training – work/school – training cycle every day. This enough shows how responsible and hardworking athletes can be. And because they are persistent by nature, they have the tendency to push themselves further too much to […]

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Power Parenting: Do’s and Dont’s for Swimmer Parents

“At the Beijing finale, Michael had hesitations coming back. And you know what? I couldn’t make up his mind for him. I just didn’t want, if he didn’t go back, to be sorry for what he could have done or what he wanted to do. But I had to keep my mouth closed, to a […]

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Back to the Roots

In the recently concluded Philippine Swimming Inc (PSI) Long Course National Championships, swimmers showcased their skills again as they swim all the way towards their slot for the 2017 Southeast Asian Games. The event has also become a platform for Filipino swimmers from other countries to compete in their motherland in the hope of representing […]

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2017 National Long Course Swimming Championships


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1st Mayor Erap Open Swimming Competition

Manila-Sports-Council Araw-ng-Maynila-Swim-Meet-Info (1)

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