Why you need a workout buddy NOW

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There may be times when you don’t feel like going out to do your regular exercise routine. Demotivated to do workouts, you may say?  Let this be solved by tagging along a friend! Here are some reasons why working out with a buddy leads to better fitness achievement!

Excuses become inexcusable

When you know there’s someone waiting for you, your commitment level rises. Having a workout buddy means having someone to push you further and forget whatever excuse you have in mind caused by the “need” to avoid set of workouts you have for the day.

Workouts become exciting and fun

                You and your workout buddy can produce a variety of exercises. Also, having someone to be with allows you to forget about how tiring your workout is, making each session enjoyable.

You improve and motivate each other

                Your buddy can be a workout partner and cheerleader at the same time. Not only can there be someone to check your form but also, you can have someone to cheer you up when times get rough during a workout session – someone who will say, “I got you” when you need it.

Makes an unspoken healthy competition

                Psychological studies show that having someone to be with – particularly someone who is stronger than you – during a certain activity conditions your brain to do better. When you have workout buddy, you unconsciously tell yourself to “keep up” or to “catch up” which allows your body to feel the need to do more. Thus, getting better results!

Having a workout buddy makes you achieve your fitness goals.  Call out your workout buddy now and start your drills!

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