Swimmers’ Post-Race Meal




So make sure you drink water or sports drinks (like Gatorade/ Powerade/Pocari) during and after a race. Within 30mins -1 hour cool down, consume meal rich in carbohydrates and protein. Ratio should be 3:1 Carbohydrates to Protein: 3grams carbohydrates for every 1gram protein.

Rice, potatoes, wheat pasta and breads are the best source of carbohydrates in a post race meal – the easier it breaks down, the better. Taking the right kind, and amount of carbohydrates will definitely help you refuel muscle. It is also vital to consume protein – which is 20% of the meal – because it enhance muscle reparation.

(See illustration above) As you can see in my Post Race Meal plate, protein and fat comes together. Why? A 30grams cooked leananimal meat has 6% fat content. You may add a serving of Fat from healthy sources like canola oil, olive oil, olives, fish oil/fat, nuts and avocado. (1 serving: 1 tablespoon)


No time for meal preps or you need more flexible on-the-go post race meal? Go grab some of these balance meal replacements:
• Milkshake
• Protein shake with added milk
• Yogurt
• Peanut butter sandwich
Again, it is important for you to train your body in Nutrition. It makes up 70% to a better performance! So, keep it up!


– FIA BATUA is a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian of the
Republic of the Philippines. She is also a Certified Sports
Nutritionist, and a Certified Elite Fitness Coach. She
received her professional Nutrition- Diet license in 2012.
Fia credits her accomplishments over the last 5 years
to her dedication to cross-fit training, weight lifting,
functional freestyle training and her goal to recover, and
refuel properly after a rigorous fitness schedules.
You can email her at [email protected]

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