Swim.ph is swimmingly new and refreshing website, created not only for swimming enthusiasts but also for those people who are seeking a happy, healthy—physically—emotionally—active lifestyle. The website is not only about the sport but also reflects it as a recreational and or fitness purpose. It highlights on toddlers, teenagers and masters. This website was made for viewers of all ages.

Swim Philippines Website features all swimming related sports including swimming, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming, as well as underwater hockey, fin swimming, scuba diving and surfing. Swim Philippines will also touch up on the burgeoning multi-sport events like triathlon and aquathlon. It will provide readers with human interest articles, highlighting the most prominent athletes and teams, ideal swimming providers, as well as updating you on the latest gears and upcoming events and competitions. It will also provide you with tips and techniques on nutrition, fitness and proper strokes, depending on each individual’s performance level.